Our Aim

At MACE we believe in the liberating nature of education. We provide individuals with the knowledge, skills, motivation and resources to develop the capacity to manage change. We reinforce that education should be continuous; the accumulated experiences of life should be the blocks with which we continue building and reshaping ourselves.

MACE emphasises three pillars on which its policies and regulations rest: integrity, respect for others and the respect for the values of teaching, learning and scholarship.

The Institute

Modern Academy of Continuing Education (MACE) based on the crucial principle of lifelong learning, offers a wide range of courses and activities for personal and professional growth through a collaborative approach, bringing together enquiring citizens and the academic and professional sectors to address challenges in education, urban living, economic development, the arts, and lifelong learning.

MACE is a public spirited learning centre achieved through interdisciplinary approaches, community partnerships and applied research.

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