MACE does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, national or ethnic origin in the implementation of its educational and administrative policies.

Each student is expected to participate sincerely and actively in order to derive the maximum benefit from the course(s).

Attendance is mandatory. A minimum attendance of 80% Is required in each session I modules to be eligible for a certificate. Students are required to be seated at least 5 minutes prior to the start of class. Early leave/late entry is not allowed without an application in advance and may be considered in event of an emergency.

All leave exceeding a day must be notified in writing.

Mobile phones must remain silent on the premises and must be switched off during class.

Change in contact details is to be notified to the institute authorities immediately.

Students of MACE must have their identity cards on them at all times within the premises. They may not be permitted to enter the classroom without it. In event of loss of card, a student must submit Rs. 100/- (in cash) along with an application requesting a duplicate card.

Using already existing material and calling it one's own or not acknowledging sources constitutes plagarising.

MACE is liable to penalise in such instances.

Failure to comply with the rules of the institution or any act of indiscipline or disobedience is liable to face disciplinary action which may amount to termination of studentship at MACE.

Allcourses on offer are subject to numbers.
A student repeating a module will have to pay 500/- INR per module in order to be eligable to attend classes
A student repeating the entire course must do so within the next three Batches/Sessions , A student will have to pay 20% of the tution fee of the relevant batch/session. Beyond this no student will be entertained.

All courses on offer are subject to numbers


Registration Fees
Short Duration Courses: 250/- INR
3 to 5 Month Courses: 750/- INR
6 Month plus courses: 1000/- INR
Session fee 6 Month + Courses: 4500/- INR
Miscellaneous fee (for CTC only): 750/- INR
Tution fees: As per Course


For 6 month courses the tuition may be paid in 3 instalments:
1st instalment: 25530/- (Incl. Registration + Session)
2nd instalment: 19280/-
3rd instalment: 9640/-

For all other courses fees are to be paid in full at the time of registration (unless otherwise stated)

Payment of fees for CTC Modular Certificates is as follows:

Psychology 3500/- Psychology 3500/-
Classroom Dynamics 6000/- Classroom Dynamics 6500/-
M & P - Numbers 6000/- M & P - Teaching 5500/-
Technology in Education 5500/- Technology in Education 5500/-
Communication 3500/- Communication 3500/-
M & P - Language 6000/- Practice 6000/-
Assess and Eval 3000/- Assess and Eval 3000/-

Fees will be accepted from 12 noon to 4 pm on weekdays.
Cash payment is not preferred. Cheque/Demand draft to be made out in the name of:

Bounced cheques carry a 150/- cheque return charge which will have to be paid by the candidate along with the actual fee.
A candidate who has not paid his/her fees by the due date may not be permitted to attend classes.
A student who wishes to discontinue his/her studies at MACE for a specific period may opt for Continuing Student Status.
Refund: Registration fee, Session Fee and Tuition Fee are nonrefundable. However at the discretion of the MACE Board of Studies, the fees may be refunded In the following manner.
Before the commencement of the course - all may be refunded except Registration fee.
During the first week of class - Only course fee may be refunded provided the student has not attended a single class. Registration and session will not be refunded.
From 2nd week of class onwards - No refund.
If MACE withdraws a course all will be refunded except cost of prospecuts, if any.
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